October Favourites.

During the month of October I have discovered so many new products that I have fallen in love with. And have also re-discovered my love for some products that to be honest, I had really disregarded. So, without further adieu, on with my October favorites. 


No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick, Mulberry.

This October I have really been loving statement lip colours. Especially dark reds. This particular lipstick from No.7 has been my absolute favourite lipstick for this October. Personally, I feel that red’s a very versatile colour and suits most skin tones and so I would really recommend this lip colour to anyone who is looking for an affordable statement red colour. I purchased my exact lipstick at Boots, however I know for sure that you can get the No.7 brand in a lot of high street shops such as Superdrug, and many local pharmacy’s. 


Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush, £2.50.

For me this product is a LIFESAVER! Everybody hams those days when you mean’t to wash your hair but time got the better of you and you didn’t. We’ve all been there. This dry shampoo is raved about all across the blogesphere, and trust me everyone’s not wrong. It smells amazing, but if this particular scent that I purchased is not for you, there are a vast amount of other available scents for you to try. The only negative people seem to say about batiste is that it comes out white. Personally, I see no problem with that as you just rub in the dry shampoo and then the white is gone. However, if the white truly bothers you, you can actually get the batiste dry shampoo that comes out in hair colours, as appose to the white. The only downside is, the hair coloured ones don’t smell as good, but that’s purely my opinion. 


Coconut hand cream, Marks and Spencer’s, £1.99

As the temperature has suddenly dropped so dramatically during October (or at least in the UK it has) my skin has really felt the difference. The cold has really left my hands feeling dry and damaged. Therefore I bought this lovely hand cream from M&S to attempt to rejuvenate my hands. Not only do I love coconut anyway, but this hand cream is truly amazing, It works wonders! I purposely purchased the travel sized option so I could easily carry it around daily in my schoolbag to regularly apply to my hands. Also I find that this hand cream lasts for ages as you only need a small amount, so naturally I went for the cheaper option. I would truly recommend this hand cream. 

Ariana Grande, Yours Truly.

Although this isn’t a beauty item, I have really been loving Ariana Grande’s new album. I am a huge fan of Ariana and so when she announced that she was releasing he new album I was on it like a car bonnet! She’s such an amazing talented artist and as much as I had loved her album before, in October I literally had it on repeat fo what felt like the whole month. If you’re a  fan of Ariana, I would reeaaallyyy recommend listening to some of these new songs. I love them. 🙂 


Who Needs Perfection?

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I have been soooooo unbelievably busy with schoolwork, and that got me thinking about the pressure that teenagers get nowadays to be perfect. Although being that super smart naturally beautiful, kind person that everyone loves obviously sounds appealing, I feel that everyone has too much pressure on them.

During my life I have often been jealous of that girl who looks flawless in every picture they take, or the person that always get 100% on tests but I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that no body is perfect. There are often many people who externally look perfect however they might have enormous insecurities that they’re too afraid to show. Or on the other end of the spectrum, there’s often a quiet, shy person that often gets forgotten but they might have an extraordinary talent for something, or be a really kind person. 

At the end of it all, it’s only natural to want to achieve the best possible version of yourself, and to often feel slightly envious to those that you look up to. So therefore I think that people should try their best to try and unload some of their stress to be perfect and just focus on enjoying their life.

Do You Ever Feel…

Do you ever feel like you’re being sucked into a world where you’re expected to buy a new item of makeup every week? Or to only own high end beauty products. I know I do. It probably sounds strange coming from a beauty blogger, however I feel that nowadays people feel like they need to have the newest brands of makeup, or the nicest, most expensive clothes just to fit in.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with splurging with your money once and a while to treat yourself, we all do it, however bad it can turn out when we have shopping baskets that cost a fortune. But there is nothing wrong with not wearing much makeup, or getting high street makeup products and clothes. Personally, I purchase all my makeup items from either Superdrug or Boots, not because I’m against higher end brands at all, just because I feel that drugstore products serve the exact same purpose. I know a lot of people get old makeup from their mums or older sisters, and sometimes those items can be on the pricier side, which is totally fine. Or that some people have the money to go and buy new chanel bronzers or new Estée Lauder eye shadows every week. I just think that people shouldn’t feel like they have to spend most of, if not all their money on makeup (However nice it is :)). Drugstore makeup can be just as good as high end brands too, and obviously it’s way more affordable.

At the end of the day, what you choose to spend your money on is your decision. All I’m saying is that people shouldn’t feel pressured to spend their money on expensive makeup items that they may not even wear (We’ve all been there…). So I hope not everyone feels they have to spend their money on makeup and clothes to fit in with a certain crowd or just to feel ‘normal’, because after all what is ‘normal’ anyway?

My Pamper Evening Essentials.

Every so often it is always nice to have a pamper evening. I find it so relaxing!! I think that everyone deserves to have a pamper evening, whether it’s just a bubble bath with a few candles or an extravagent spa routine, as long as you’re enjoying yourself, in essence that’s all that truly matters.  And so I thought I would share my pamper evening essentials with you.


I think that candles are such an essentials! Personally I really like the spiced orange Yankee Candle. It smells very autumnal and warm; somehow I always find it even more relaxing to have candles burning while taking a bubble bath.

20130926-215802.jpgAnother one of my absolute essentials is a good old face mask. Not only is it very relaxing, especially when you add cucumber over the eyes, but it does wonders for your skin! This particular face mask is the 2 in 1 Neutrogena face mask. It really adds a spa-like feel to the evening. It’s true perfection.


While you’re in the bath, you may as well wash your hair. I kind of feel incomplete if I come out of the bath without  washing my hair. I just love to be clean all over. I truly recommend the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. It really makes your hair seem alot healthier and very smooth and shiny.

20130926-221529.jpgAnother way to have a really girly spa evening is to paint your nails. I recommend Barry M, not just for nail polish but just in general Barry M is a wonderful brand. They make beautiful colours that are really seasonal. They are very affordable though, which is great!

20130926-222204.jpgAfter your bath and face wash, it’s really important is cleanse and tone your skin. If you get a cotton pad and put some of this wonderful clinque tone and spread it around your face, it really makes your skin softer and smoother. I would recommend this to anyone.

Happy Pampering! ❤

£20 Makeup Challenge.

I have seen this challenge floating around the blog-esphere  lately and although it is usually a YouTube video, I don’t see why bloggers shouldn’t be taking part. So without further a due, here is my natural makeup look for under £20.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation, £6.99

Rimmel London, Match Perfection foundation, £6.99[/caption]

First I would start off  with a foundation. I have chosen the Rimmel London Match Perfection. I really like this foundation as it has very good coverage while still feeling light. Also, and most importantly, they do very pale shades of this marvelous foundation!!! Perfect for me. To save time and money , apply this foundation with your fingers all around your face, especially focusing on under your eyes and any blemishes you might have. I’m going to skip concealer, but as I previously said, just apply the foundation on any blemishes that you may have, like a concealer.


Collection 2000 Lipstick, £2.99

I realise that people don’t usually put lipstick on next however to save money I am using lipstick as a blush. Just apply a small amount of lipstick to the apples if your cheeks and then blend up to your temples. Next apply this gorgeous lip colour on your lips. If you want the colour to really stand out, apply foundation onto your lips before adding the lip colour to give you a blank canvas to work with, making the lip colour shine through.


Miss Sporty Eye shadow Palette, £3.99

Next I am moving on to eyeshadow. This eyeshadow palette is really good considering how cheap it is and all the colours are really pigmented. Start by applying the lightest colour all over your lid, particularly focusing on the inner corners of your eyes. Then to deepen up the look, add the brown colour to your crease and blend away! Then line your eyes with the brown colour, adding layers so it doesn’t blend in with your crease shadow.


SEVENTEEN Waterproof Mascara, £4.69

Last but not least, apply a coat or two of mascara and you are ready to go. I think this is a really beautiful look and is quite natural apart from the lip colour. It looks stunning while still being so affordable, I have definitely found my new every day make up look.

This challenge came to £18.66

Lush FUN Review.

Recently I have purchased FUN from Lush while shopping with my friend. I can honestly say that I love it. Before I decided to buy it we got to have a tester of it in the shop, and even with the minuscule tester portion we received, it still seemed to last for ages. It has four different uses: you can use it as a play-dough like thing for children, which I think is an excellent idea, you can wash your hair with it, wash your body with it, or crumble it between your fingers while your bath is running to create wonderful smelling bubbles. It lasts for so long and when using it to create bubbles you only need a tiny amount to create a whole bath full of yummy smelling goodness.

FUN Lush £5.00

FUN comes in 5 different colours and smells: Pink, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue. Each smells divine and all of them nourish your skin and hair amazingly. Personally, my favourite is the Pink one as it smells very sweet and clean however each one  serves the same job and all smell beautiful.


I absolutely love Lush’s FUN and would highly recommend it to anyone. I think it’s great how children can use if to fight bath time boredom and i still leaves your skin feeling and smelling wonderful. I will definitely be repurchasing FUN.

Products I Would Repurchase.

There are some products that I have recently finished that I have loved and will be repurchasing, so I’m going to share them with you.

photo (13)

Urban Fudge Sea Salt spray, £3.25, Superdrug


This Urban Fudge Sea Salt spray is fabulous for giving your curls a lovely beachy look and setting your hair for longer. I find that if you make two french plaits in your hair when it’s still damp from washing it and then sleep with the plaits in you get beautiful waves the next morning. Simply spray those waves with this sea salt spray and scrunch. The spray gives your hair so much volume and that’s why I am definitely repurchasing.

photo (14)

Personally I love the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit moisturiser by Neutrogena. It smells AMAZING! It’s really refreshing to put on the morning and truly makes my skin feels so soft. The only flaw to this otherwise perfect moisturiser as that it has no SPF factor. However you can always apply this at night when you don’t need SPF and then use a moisturiser with a high SPF factor for your morning moisturiser. I have no doubts about repurchasing this wonderful moisturiser.

photo (16)

Rimmel London Stay Matte Translucent Powder, £3.99, Boots

The next product that I will definitely be repurchasing is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Translucent Powder. I know that this stuff is raved about on so many blogs and YouTube beauty channels, but I feel like i should join in in the praise of this powder. It’s such good value for the price; it lasts for so long! Personally mine lasted me over a year! After applying foundation or concealer simply add a light amount of this to set your products and they will stay put all day. I cannot praise this powder enough.

photo (17)

Small vintage candles, IKEA

Recently I was at IKEA when I saw these super cute vintage candles. Although they are not scented I still feel that having candles lit in your house or bedroom can really make it feel cosy. The beautiful candle came in a pack of three, however as they are so small they do burn out quite quickly. They are extremely affordable and so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pack. I have found my new favourite cheap but beautiful candle.

How to Wear Floral?

One of my favourite trends this year has been florals, as you can probably tell from my blog name I LOVE florals. So i thought I’d share a few ways to style them.


Topshop Floral Dress £34

I really like this dress. I think that this gorgeous floral dress would look lovely paired with some lovely black heels and a black bag. This isn’t too overpowering because the bag and shoes are quite plain and so the beautiful dress catches your attention. Personally I feel that this a perfect way to wear a floral dress. Alternatively, if you aren’t a massive fan of  heels, you could pair this look with some black pumps and that would still keep the outfit looking feminine and girly.

Box pleated floral skirt Forever 21 £14.75

In my opinion, floral skater skirts are gorgeous. If it’s warm enough they look lovely paired with block coloured crop top. If however, it’s not quite warm enough for that, this particular skirt would look beautiful with some white or black tights and an over sized, chunky cardigan. This particular skater skirt is from Forever 21. I love Forever 21 because it has such beautiful clothes, while still being affordable.


Finally, most floral tops are beautiful. Like a said about the dress, it’s important to pair something floral with something quite plain. The denim shorts are stunning and then pairing them with the floral  top is gorgeous. In my opinion, this outfit is the perfect girly summer outfit.

Marc Jacobs DAISY Review

Recently I have really been loving Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Years ago my mum received it as a Christmas present however she didn’t really like  it and so she gave it to me. I love it. It seems to last forever and is not too pungent while still smelling fresh and sweet. Depending on the size you get it can be quite expensive, however I personally think that it is really worth it. It has a slight hint of a fruity smell but in general it is mainly just quite fresh. Daisy is truly the perfect name as it’s quite brisk and outdoorsy while still being very elegant and lady like. For me it is the perfect scent.


DAISY Marc Jacobs £47.50

It lasts for a good five hours before it has faded and so it is great to have on throughout the day as it will probably only need one reapplication, depending on how long you’re planning to have it on for.

In the end I think that Daisy is a really elegant scent while still being quite fruity and fun. I love it.

Summer Favourites.

During the summer I’ve come across of my favourites. I love them so much and I know you will too, so I thought I would share them with you.


This summer I purchased the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 1000 kisses in the shade 300-Perpetual Plum. I really like this shade and especially the fact that it comes with a clear balm as I tend to find that after applying lip stains, your lips can often look quite dry and so I find the balm to be very nourishing.  This gorgeous colour stays on for what seems like forever and hardly needs touching up throughout the day. This is definitely one of my makeup bag essentials.


I bought this lovely Essie nail polish while on holiday in America, it was around $5 and compared to the prices in Britain that’s a bargain! I made the most of the opportunity and bought this beautiful Essie polish in the shade 192. It’s the perfect ‘Babydoll Pink’ and although you have to apply a few coats, it’s truly worth it for this gorgeous colour.


I am thrilled that this finally came out in England! After seeing so many youtubers rave about the Maybelline Babylips I knew I just had to try them. As soon as they came out in Britain I rushed to my local Boots to get one. I got the shade Pink Punch and I love it. It’s a lovely sheer pink while still looking very natural. This is perfect for an everyday natural lip look.


I have been a fan of Moroccan Oil for a while now, but I really started using it this summer. All you need a tiny amount and it works wonders. I apply it to the ends of my hair when it is still damp from the shower and then blow dry. It makes my hair so luscious and silky and I have got so many complements on the appearance of my hair. I would highly recommend Moroccan Oil as it lasts for so long and is really nourishing.


Finally I have the Soap and Glory Hand Food. This hand cream smells so good, which is always important, and honestly makes my hands so soft. I would recommend getting the travel sized one as then you can keep it in your handbag to use throughout the day. It drys quickly while still softening my hands. I have definitely found new food to feed my hands with.